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    I have been tattooing for over ten years now and have finally decided to open my own studio.


    I want the studio to be a cool place for people to come and get tattooed. I also want to help people get inspired to produce art work on paint night events. You don't have to be good at art, but everyone should always just have fun with it. This studio is the safe place to share the journey.

    In the studio, I will dedicate a space where local artists can display and sell their artwork. I want to bring a sense of community to the studio while having a place where everyone is welcome.

    I am hoping to bring in guest tattooist from around Australia which I will be updating on the  "What's Coming Up" link on this website along with any up and coming paint and art events.

    I am looking forward to consulting with people on their new tattoos and going along the design process with them. See you soon.

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